Offering wholesale South Sea pearls of various kinds of Indonesian pearl cultivation


Pearls are considered as “tears of gods” also known as the “Jewel Of The Queen” almost all people with the beauty of love. When the pearls or a gift collection will be brought up for consumers, because it has aesthetic value of sparkles. Pearls are the symbol of decency, purity and holiness, it is also a picture of love, happiness and success.

Golden south sea pearls

Wholesale Pearls business meeting service at Lombok Island Indonesia.
We are pleased to take the opportunity to contact you with a view to establish business relationship with you to purchase originality Golden, Black, Silver and White South Sea Pearls, and I hope that you have time to come to Lombok for survey the biggest farming of pearls process in Lombok every 1 years harvest very good luster of pearls, we’ll discuss a more and more prepare 2 till 10 kilos and up as your choice variety pearls Keshi, Baroque, Drop button, and Odd shaped and High Grade the best quality and good luster of pearls also prepare other size more than 5mm till over 20mm each excellent luster is very good price!, you can take as your choice grade AA+, B+, B, and C, we would like to show you our price list actual for wholesale is very cheap price “the choice is your” and then drop to see working the biggest pearls village and vicinity also to see how the processing of the jewelry such as pearls combination with Gold and Silver handicraft, this ensure the design quality and the product beauty which was design from classic to modern model and unique. The great finishing that make the jewelry seems beauty of Lombok Golden Pearls Indonesia.

Golden south sea pearls

We combine a string of south sea pearl that is unique from all types of natural pearls in the sea south of the Indonesian island of Lombok, light south sea pearl of this make the whole world is not easy and you know the most secret and in the light of smart, you know, and you feel very enthralling, you can compare the quality of pearls from the sea south of us is very different from the surface of the skin to light the truly incredible

Golden south sea pearls
Golden and White south sea pearls

If you want to have the service available time can we promise to meet in Bali, Surabaya and Jakarta to determine pearl quality checks can through our email below, we do not serve requests rushed or in a hurry before quantity available and please specify according to your choice especially color, shape round, semi-round, oval, circle and size.

Lombok Golden Pearls Indonesia

Further information contact person: Mr. Satya Budi
Contact mobile & Whatsapp: +62 817 369 010
Email: mr.satyabudi@gmail.com

Home address: Jalan Cendrawasih No 8 Cakranegara
Postcode 83239 Mataram Lombok Indonesia

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